Culture of Goat's Pasture

Goatherd, a simple yet rewarding life; days spent in the sun tending to the stubborn herd, nights spent drinking wine and eating goat cheese. There are few bonds as close as that of goatherd and billy. Many youth of Goat’s Pasture are given a companion at birth, and come to know the animal as a sibling.

Appearance and dress

The men of Goat’s Pasture take great pride in the length of their sideburns, but eschew other types of facial hair such as moustaches or full beards (because though they are good friends, I would not wish to look like a goat, or worse, a dwarf!) A typical festival activity is the awarding of great honor to he who has the longest sideburns. Similarly, long hair is viewed as masculine, though not as closely tied to virility. A shaved head can only be thought of as shameful.


Most of the folk of Goat’s Pasture do not worship a deity. Instead, they honor the sun that provides warmth, the rains which supply water, the lands that are pasture, and their ancestors who gave the blood that flows in their veins. There are rumors of a powerful goat who lives beneath the hill, but this is largely taken to be folklore.

Festivals, Holidays and Events

Spring Return

Winter’s Wander

Gender differences

Only women are deemed fit to be healers.

Culture of Goat's Pasture

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