Goat’s Pasture

Adventures in the Fertile Lands

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The Fertile Lands are an isolated area inhabited primarily by humans. It is a verdant land of rivers, farmland and rolling hills. To the south lies the Anorak Mountains, its snow-capped peaks seemingly stretch across the length of the world; its foothills house the village of Goat’s Pasture. Due west lays the Western Wood. It is an old growth forest rumoured to be haunted, while less superstitious folk attribute the stories of the supernatural to a combination of the howls of unusual beasts rarely seen by man, the Widow’s Breath, a curious wind that blows off the ocean, and the darkness caused by the dense tree cover. Bordering the Fertile Lands to the East is a barren wasteland, though legend tells it was once the most prosperous part of the human kingdom. Castle Achalasia overlooks the Levantic Ocean, the political and economic center of the area.

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Goat's Pasture

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